Privacy policy
Why we need to collect user data
Yandex.Metrica's properties* are just like other websites – we need to learn more about our users to make our services better. We collect data about how our site is used, which helps us discover bits of content that are the most relevant to our audience and improve the interface. Details about what we do with site user data are outlined in the corresponding section below.

All data analysis procedures are carried out in-house.

*Yandex.Metrica's properties are:

What kind of data we collect
We collect data via cookies, which are small text files that are used to uniquely identify your browser. Cookies are placed onto your computer by our system and can later be accessed by our servers to get the statistics we need for site optimization. We also use our own server data logs. Cookies and data logs can indicate user status (new or returning), the version of the browser used, device make and model, session duration, number of pages viewed, landing pages, and other non-personally identifiable information. Cookies and data logs are collected in aggregate and not tied to an individual.

To measure the effectiveness of particular pieces of content, we may use web beacons, also known as clear gifs or web bugs. They are small, pixel-sized graphic objects with unique IDs which are not stored on your hard drive. Instead, a web beacon is inserted into a bit of content to track how users engage with it. The information gathered by web beacons is not personally identifiable.

We may collect your personal data only when you explicitly provide it by registering with our service using a global Yandex account or when filling out a feedback form. The registration data is limited to your first and last name. Submitting your phone number, additional email address and other data is optional. Such information it is used to provide better security for your account (through two-factor authentication), for sending you service notifications about your site’s status (should you wish to receive them), or for more convenient access to Yandex’s services. Rules and policies concerning your global Yandex account and data associated with it can be found in Yandex's general Privacy Policy, which applies to all of Yandex’s services including Yandex.Metrica.

What we do with user data
We use non-personally identifiable information (PII) to test and optimize our website design and technical performance, improve the usefulness and overall usability of our website, find and fix bugs, and to provide you with tailored content. We also need these depersonalized statistics to analyze site usage trends, collect aggregate demographic information about our user base, develop new products and offers, as well as gauge the effectiveness of our marketing communications.

We use PII information to respond to your inquiries and fulfill your requests, send you important notifications about Yandex.Metrica, provide you with usage tips and other material pertaining to Yandex.Metrica or web analytics in general that we believe can be helpful and interesting. If you wish to stop receiving such messages, simply click the “Unsubscribe” link found at the end of an email from Yandex.Metrica.

How we treat non-PII data collected via cookies
We only use first-party non-PII data (i.e. our own cookies) and do not place any third-party cookies on your hard drive. We never pass our cookies to any external domains other than Yandex affiliates. Yandex cookies collect depersonalized information about the sites you visit and the searches you make on Yandex. Those cookies may be used for relevant ad targeting in the Yandex Advertising Network. However, you can opt out of tailored advertising at any time by un-ticking the ‘’Take my interests into account’’ box on the ad settings page: Please note that this setting will revert to default upon deleting Yandex cookies.
How we treat PII data you knowingly submit
No personally identifiable information can be passed to our servers without your explicit consent. The personal data you knowingly provide is securely stored in our CRM systems in our data centers distributed across Europe. Internal access to the CRM data is restricted to employees directly concerned with sales, marketing, and support operations. Staff members that have access to customer data are legally obligated to treat it as highly confidential. We never sell or pass on this data to third parties except for the cases described in Section 3 of Yandex's general Privacy Policy.
Your choices about non-PII and PII data that you provide
When arriving at our site for the first time, you are shown a notification that outlines our use of cookies. By continuing to navigate our site, you are giving your consent to the placement of cookies on your computer. If you do not want our system to put cookies on your hard drive, you should either stop using our site, use the Yandex.Metrica opt-out extension, set your browser to “block all cookies” mode, or only stop accepting cookies from our site by adding its URL to the exceptions list in the cookies settings of your browser. However, please keep in mind that blocking cookies can hinder the normal usage of our sites as well as others, as cookies are required for some website features to function.

You may change any of your personal information at any time by editing your account at If you wish for your account and all of the information associated with it to be deleted, you can use the “Delete account” option at the link mentioned above. Please note that registering a new account with the same username will only be possible in six months after deletion. If you have any problems or questions about your Yandex account, please contact support using one of these feedback forms.

Any other questions
If you wish to ask us a question about this Privacy policy, please fill out this contact form.