There's none – Yandex.Metrica is a completely free product. You'll never run into traffic limitations or be forced to upgrade to a paid version.
What’s included:
Traffic unlimited
Number of sites per accountunlimited
Support service (email)unlimited
Why is it free?
Yandex.Metrica is developed and supported by Yandex, one of the largest internet companies in Europe. Our business is built around web search and many other products which help people solve everyday problems better and reach their goals faster – like Yandex.Maps or Yandex.Disk. To continually improve our services, we process huge amount of anonymous data on users' behavior: it is used to glean insights and feed machine learning algorithms. Yandex.Metrica is one of the ways we get that data, which is why we aren’t building a paywall around it.

We never sell or pass your data to third parties. Learn more.

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To start using Yandex.Metrica, simply register an account, get code snippet, and add it to all pages of your site.