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All-Round Web Analytics
From traffic trends to mouse movements – 
get a comprehensive understanding of your online audience and drive business growth.


Apply easy-to-use attribution models, filter out spam, and control bot traffic.


Extensive user data including in-depth details on ad blocker usage.


Set up to 200 goals per site, integrate ecommerce data, and track custom events.


Session replay, heat maps, and form analytics – all out of the box.


Your data is updated in real time and never truncated – sampling is user-controlled.

Hassle-free usage

Track any amount of traffic and keep all of your data for an unlimited time.
Session replay
Watch how people engage with your site – user clicks, scrolling, mouse movements and keystrokes are all recorded in a video. Identify roadblocks on the way to purchase, see the intent behind clicks, and get insights on how to improve user experience.
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Heat maps & form analytics
Discover which parts of a page drive the most attention and where your blind spots are. Locate exactly where users give up scrolling. Analyze how people fill in forms and see the success rate of each field. Compare the behavior of segmented audiences.
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Intuitive dashboard
Pin all the key metrics to a live dashboard to make quick assessments. Each metric is displayed as a reporting widget, where you can select date range, graph type, or even audience segment. Rearrange the widgets to place them in a position that suits you.
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Reports tailored to the task at hand
Completely customize any predefined report in a few clicks and instantly get the answer you’re looking for. Add or delete any dimensions and metrics, switch attribution models, and compare audience segments – all on the same page.
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All of your data, forever
Send any amount of data to Yandex.Metrica and handle it the way you want: adjust the sampling rate to get reports faster, or use unsampled data for maximum accuracy. Storage time is unlimited, too – no matter how much data you have.
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According to W3tech’s report and Yandex.Metrica's own data.
Yandex.Metrica is one of the top three leading web analytics solutions in the world
Works on more than 8 million sites.


Agencies that help businesses grow online need web analytics. Their tasks are difficult, because now it is not only a matter of evaluating the return on investing in ads, but also a constant search for growth points in a dataset. To make it easier for customers to find a partner that is professionally skilled in web analytics, we have launched an agency certification program for Yandex.Metrica.

9 august 2017

A new feature has become available in Yandex.Metrica – the beta version of the cross device report. This report allows you to track the conversions of customers who have visited your site from several devices. For example, users first visit your site from a mobile device, then later return on a desktop computer and place an order. The cross device report allows you to assess the contribution of different device types to the conversion process and more efficiently allocate your budget to each marketing channel.

4 august 2017

Session Replay 2.0, which was tested in closed beta at the end of last year, is ready to be released to the wider world. Today, access to the new Session Replay tool is available for a portion of Yandex.Metrica users: if you see a new option in the Session Replay tab of your Settings, just activate it and then update your tracking code. In a few months’ time, the Session Replay 2.0 option will appear for all Yandex.Metrica accounts.

12 july 2017